Leakchecks® can be used for the following types of Pressure Tests:

GAS PIPING-49 CFR 192 Subpart J Test Requirements including

LIQUIDS PIPING-49 CFR 195 Subpart E Pressure Testing

ASME B31.3 Process Piping

B31.8 Gas Distribution piping

Applications for Leakchecks® include new construction, MAOP verification testing, grandfathered pipe tests, spike pressure tests and testing pipe with unknown yield pressure. Allowable test mediums include water, nitrogen, air and natural gas. Other program applications include repairs and replacements, uprates and derates, class location change and conversion of service tests.

Our Leakchecks® software for pressure test validation can either be purchased through a license or on a per Report cost basis. The license allows operators to design, execute, and generate a comprehensive test report by utilizing a web-based platform with optional offline data upload capabilities. Leakchecks® provides the Test Administrator and Test Designer real-time applicable Code acceptance immediately upon completion of the test. It can confirm the test is acceptable and meets applicable code requirements prior to depressurization of the test line allowing maximum utilization of construction and contractor time.

Leakchecks® is the only available software that runs two independent leak calculations for guaranteed quality leak checks.

This software application can also indicate either pipe yielding or air entrapment during a spike test. It can indicate when a pin-hole leak has likely occurred by knowing the pressure/temperature/volume transient relationship of the system. Leakchecks® will auto-generate pressure test reports that are easily traceable, verifiable and complete.

This software application can also store and document all your pressure tests and their final test reports permanently. The software requires no downloads and the training to use Leakchecks® is part of the package for operator licensing at time of purchase.

Our state of the art data analysis program is accurate to .05% of full scale range during in-vivo testing which allows contractors to receive an instant approved test upon completion.